1. EIA of UN Industrial Development Organization’s biogas project
  2. EIA over the expanding draft of Shalmugh mine.
  3. Expanding draft of Jrvezh’s iron mine.
  4. EIA of Hrazdan iron mine
  5. Implementation of National pilot project within the EU project “Air quality governance”
  6. The EIA of the project “Amulsar Gold”: air emissions
  7. Development of environmental part of the project “Extraction of minerals, necessary for the operation of the Abovyan iron ore deposit”
  8. Development of the environmental part of the project “Reconstruction of Tukhmanuk’s mine processing plant”
  9. The EIA of the project “Sevan trout”
  10. EIA and technological regulations of consumed oils’ recycling process.
  11. EIA and technological regulations of consumed tires’ recycling process
  12. EIA of zeolites processing plant of Ayroum-“Zeolite Pro” LTD
  13. Ecoregional Conservation Programme in the Southern Caucasus Region: Support Programme for Protected Areas-Armenia
  14. EIA of exploitation of zeolites mine of Noyemberian
  15. EIA of high-voltage overhead line transmission of mine of Lichk in the Syunik region
  16. EIA of exploitation of mine of the Lichk in Syunik region
  17. UNDP: Verification of the objectives and goals reached within the HCFC Phase-out Management Plan – Phase I in Armenia (in the framework of Ozone Convention)
  18. Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2 Fund): Utility-Scale Solar Power Project. Development of ESIA reports for six Photovoltaic Power Plants.
  19. Yerevan Metro Rehabilitation Project. Phase II. Development of the EIA report.
  20. Consultansy services for High Votage Electrical Net (HVEN) CJSC
  21.   «Electricity Supply Reliability Project».
    «Replacement of Lalvar and Noyemberyan 110 kV OTLs»
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report
  • Project Implementation Ready Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)